Summer ShredProgram


  • Want to grow the booty, have
    a definition in legs and sculpt the skinny waist and abs!
  • Has access to a gym.
  • Are lacking of knowledge, motivation, and structure.
  • Want to take their training to the next level and finally see the dream results.

It is time to transform your butt.

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About the program

Get ready for summer in 12 weeks. Let's grow and shape your glutes while snatching your waist for a more defined, attractive figure. Say goodbye to boring cardio.

Sign up today and receive four new gym-based workouts every four weeks, as well as one optional glute workout and one optional circuit workout.

With instructional videos and cues included in each workout, you'll have everything you need to stay on track and monitor your progress.

Plus, I'll be there to motivate you and provide educational messages on nutrition to help you make informed choices.

Say goodbye to excuses and hello to results - our program starts on Monday after your purchase, so you can start your week off strong!

What is required?

No cardio in this plan.

Start today.

Not sure how to structure your workout? Are you tired of not seeing any results? Do you find it difficult to stay consistent?

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