Everything you need to finally reach your goals

1-1 Coaching

  • Take control of your diet and training routine
  • Live a happy and healthy lifestyle without restriction
  • Guidance and support along the way

ensure your success


what's included

Custom workout program for gym or home
Custom macro split and meal plan
24/7 access to me as your pocket coach
Bi-weekly check-ins & accountability
Adjustments as needed
Full access to my training app
Instructional videos of how to complete each exercise

My mission is to empower females to say goodbye to the body you don’t feel confident in. You tell me your goals, and I will guide you to that goals in a healthy, sustainable and enjoyable approach.

This coaching program is for you if :

  • you cannot see results for longer than 3 months trying on your own
  • Are not sure what do when it comes to training
  • Are not sure what or how much to eat
  • Want to feel confident in your underwear and clothes you want to wear
  • Need motivation, support and accountability to stay consistent
  • Want to lose at least 5kg
  • Want to tone up, feel energized, sexy and confident
  • Want to learn my tips & secrets how i helped over 250+ women to change their body

how it works





Complete the coaching application via the button and tell me aboutyour goals.

Within 30 minutes, expect an email with a booking link for a FREE 20-minute consultation call—an essential step where we'll craft a personalized game plan for you. I want to make sure I will be able to help you to achieve your goals. During this call, I'll provide an overview of my coaching services.

Upon signing up, you'll gain access to my app, where I'll create customized workouts & nutrition plans, and strategies designed specifically for you to reach your goals.

Join my exclusive client community—a hub of motivation, extra support, and engaging monthly challenges with exciting prizes.

how much does the coaching cost?

  • Pricing varies based on your chosen package length.

  • This investment will be NO more than the equivalent of a Starbucks coffee with a croissant /a day.

your plan

Designed just for YOUR specific goals. No more guessing on what to do. You will get training & nutrition plan, support, community and much more.

Flexible Dieting

You will learn how to incorporate the foods you love into your diet while still reaching your goals.

100% Results

I've helped over 250+ ladies to tone up and feel confident. I guarantee you the results you desire.

Serious inquiries Only . Please do not fill out this form unless you are 100% committed to investing time, finances, and energy into reaching your fitness goals.

i'm ready