About Me

Hi, I'm Wendy, your fitness coach

What's my story?

My real name is Vendula Sklarova and I grew up in
a small city in the Czech Republic. I used to feel unhappy in my own body (I never wore shorts or crop tops) and had zero confidence in myself. I had no idea about nutrition that led to sugar addiction and eventually becoming overweight.
I have tried all kinds of diets, exercises, injured myself from over-exercising, tried many training programmes. My journey was a rollercoaster, and
I do not want you to make the same mistakes. 

I am all about practicing, extensive learning and educating myself to find what works (and how). I have grown a lot as a person and as a coach to be where I am today and that is the reason why I have changed my name to Wendy Sclarson. I am a certified personal trainer, online fitness coach and a Vinyasa yoga teacher. 

I love sharing my story and daily life on Instagram in faith to inspire others. 

Say hello to me on Instagram: @fitbywendy_

I am also a health and fitness enthusiast passionate to empower other females to work towards a healthy mindset and exercises to achieve their dream body. 

Are you ready to change your mindset and achieve a body you will feel proud of while eating your favourite foods?

Wendy is making confident eye contact.
Wendy is standing confidently in front of Fit by Wendy logo.

My experience in numbers

I have always been a sporty person. I fall in love with strength training since 2017 and Vinyasa yoga since 2019. I am proud of my achievements and all my clients.

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My core work values

I believe in long lasting results, rather than a quick fix.


I always strive to gain knowledge. We must embrace change and learn new habits and skills to improve physically and mentally over time.


My intention is to inspire, encourage, educate and motivate you to get up to achieve your fitness goals. Let's change any negative emotional thoughts into positive opportunities.

Team work

I am all about building trust-based relationships and establishing win-win partnerships to work better together. Online coaching is all about honest communication.


I want to help women transform themselves by improving strength, confidence and overall health. That is what I do differently as your personal trainer.